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Pink Duck Race

13th December 2020

Adopt a Pink Duck, support women with breast cancer and win a golden duck set with diamonds

Pink Duck Race

Seize this unique opportunity to be part of the first ever Pink Duck Race in Europe!

On Sunday 13th of December 2020, Think Pink Europe will “release” 20,000 pink ducks into a flowing river. Every Pink Duck will have its unique number. The first duck to cross the finishing line will be the winner. The first prize is an exclusive gold piece of jewellery set with diamonds (value 5,000 euros). The next 9 ducks to cross the finish will also win a unique prize.

Adopt one or more pink ducks and support us. With your contributions, we can continue to promote our breast cancer campaigns.

This first edition of the European Pink Duck Race will be held at a secret location. You will be able to see broadcast on the Think Pink Europe Facebook and YouTube page on Sunday 13th of December 2020 at 5 pm. Your support is vital. With your help we can continue to give people with breast cancer the best possible treatment and care.

Adopt your pink ducks for the Pink Duck Race and win one of the exclusive prizes.

Adopt a Pink Duck, a family of Pink Ducks or any number of Pink Ducks you choose.

Support women with breast cancer and win a golden duck set with diamonds.

Adopt Pink Ducks with your company to give to your clients or staff members

Say a special thank you to your staff and give them a free Pink Duck adoption at 5 euros per duck.
This year is a difficult year for a lot of people. Your team is essential for the success and the future of your company. Show them that you care and give them a socially connected and original gift.
Or surprise your clients. Tease your clientele with a unique present. Show them that your business supports a social cause. And who knows, they may even win the first prize!   

Adopt your Pink Ducks here

After the adoption of the Pink Ducks, you will receive a unique number by mail. This is your ticket for your duck at the Race. The buyer of this adoption-ticket is the legal owner of this number. 

Do you want to adopt a larger number of Pink Ducks?

Contact us if you want to adopt larger numbers of Pink Ducks. We can help you with your communication and social media. We can deliver you an invoice and personalised communication. 

First prize: this unique precious jewel designed especially for the Pink Duck Race

This exclusive jewel in gold set with diamonds
Handmade by 
Duck in 18 karats rose gold, ribbon in 18 karats white gold set with diamonds
To be worn as a brooch or pendant
Size 25 mm x 30 mm
Value: 5,000 euros


Your support is vital

Did you know that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her life?
This means that every year, in Europe, 500,000 people will get breast cancer and 125,000 will sadly pass away.
Breast cancer campaigns all over Europe are working hard to raise awareness about the disease. Recognising possible warning signs of breast cancer and taking prompt action leads to early diagnosis and saves lives.

Your actions have the power to show every woman that her life matters. Your support helps us to continue our campaigns to fight breast cancer.

More details on the Pink Duck Race

Competition rules tombola Pink Duck Race 2020

  1. The organisation of this tombola is done by the non-profit organization Think Pink Europe, established in Brussels, Belgium.
  2. Anyone can participate through the adoption of one or more Pink Ducks through the online purchase on the webshop The sale is online from October 1 to December 13 at 11 am 2020 and is subject to change by decision of the organiser. 20,000 Pink Ducks with unique numbers are available for purchase.
  3. The Pink Duck Race competition will be organised on Sunday 13 December 2020. The day and time can be changed by the organisation to a later date. All participants will be notified by mail of this at least 48 hours in advance. The location is secret due to Covid-19 measures and only accessible on the personal invitation of the organisation.
  4. The competition that will indicate the winning lottery ticket takes place by randomly launching all participating Pink Ducks with unique numbers in a watercourse with flow. The Pink Duck that crosses the finish line first, is the winner of the grand prize. The 2nd to 10th Pink Duck that crosses the finish line will also receive a prize package by post. These and all other prizes will be mentioned on the page of the Pink Duck Race at by 15 December 2020 at the latest and will be announced via the social media channels of Think Pink Europe.
  5. The first prize is a unique jewel in gold and set with diamonds (photos and details will be announced on the website and via social media at the latest 14 days before the competition) to be collected by appointment three months after the competition at the administrative office of Think Pink Europe, pa Ter Zwaanhoek 34, 8400 Oostende, Belgium. In consultation between the winner and the organisation, other arrangements can be made, such as secured shipping. The 2nd to 10th prizes will be delivered by post to the person concerned at the address of the purchaser. If a prize is not collected within three months after the competition and the planned announcement, it will automatically become the property of vzw Think Pink Europe.
  6. The winners will be announced via streaming on the day of the Pink Duck Race and via publication on the Pink Duck Race page at No appeal is possible against this result. When purchasing a Pink Duck you agree with these competition rules. All correspondence about this competition should be addressed to the non-profit organization Think Pink Europe p.a. Ter Zwaanhoek 34, 8400 Ostend, Belgium or by mail
  7. No correspondence will be held about the regulations, the course of the Pink Duck Race, the organisation and the irrevocable result of the Pink Duck Race. There is no recourse against the decisions of the organisation that decides completely autonomously.
Watch the Pink Duck Race on the Think Pink Europe Facebook and YouTube page

This first European edition of the Pink Duck Race takes place at a secret location.

The event will be shown on the Think Pink Europe Facebook live and YouTube on Sunday 13th of December 2020 at 5 pm (CET).
Your support is vital. Your support helps people with breast cancer to get the best possible treatment and care.  


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